Ill Have Your Son You Have Mine – S1:E3

It’s always good for moms to have friends, as Caitlin Bell and Sonia Sparrow are well aware. These two new stepmoms are both working hard to be good maternal figures to their new stepsons. Neither is particularly thrilled with their own stepson, but they admire the other’s! As the girls work to prepare dinner, Caitlin compliments Sonia’s Rico Hernandez, while Sona does the same for Caitlin’s Juan Loco. The ladies laugh about how their stepsons are only this good when the other mom is around. With that realization, Caitlin gets an idea: She convinces Sonia to run their stepsons around the house cleaning with the promise of a free peak at their tits at the end.Rico and Juan do as they’re told every step of the way. The stepmoms are impressed, and also ready to make good on the promised surprise. When Juan and Rico collapse onto the couch, Caitlin flashes Rico and Sonia gives Juan the same treatment. They each encourage the other’s stepson to reach out and touch. It takes a little bit of coaxing, but Rico and Juan both wind up relenting and feeling up their stepmom’s friend. Knowing how hard Rico and Juan are getting prompts Sonia and Caitlin to start reminiscing about how hard and eager young guys are. It seems only natural for each of them to move from letting those younger bucks knead their boobies to hauling their cocks out for mirrored handies and blowjobs.Sonia and Caitlin have already taken things this far, so there’s nothing stopping them from pushing the envelope another step further. Shucking off their clothes, they lay together on the couch as Juan feasts on Sonia’s twat and Rico does the same for Caitlin. When the boys get to their feet to shove it in, Caitlin and Sonia can’t bite back moans of delight. Sonia gets on her knees to take it in doggy as Caitlin rolls to her side to let Rico continue giving her a dose of vitamin D. Eventually, the boys take a seat so that Caitlin and Sonia can each climb onto their chosen dick and go for a fast and furious reverse cowgirl ride. When Caitlin gets on her knees for Rico to do her in doggy, Rico finds he can’t holds back for long. Neither can Juan, who is fucking Sonia as she lays on her back, fully open to him. The boys each pull out for their pop, leaving two pools of cum for Sonia and Caitlin to play with and share. As the foursome comes down from their sexy adventure, they discuss sleepovers and sexy vacations.