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Wife Home Videos is a website dedicated to those horny girlfriend's and wife's porn videos. So it's all about amateur sex. I can still remember when I bought my first home camera. It was before the whole telephone revolution. Nowadays every amateur couple is making wife home videos and the quality of these gets better and better. And I'll give you a few tips to get your wife naked in front of the camera.

My wife's first home video.

We were going on vacation and a home camera would be a nice addition. I was already in bed at night and my wife was in the shower. While I was playing with the camera I figured out how everything worked. And immediately the thought of filming my wife naked crossed my mind. I knew, of course, that when she came out of the shower she would walk into the bedroom naked. What if I just pretend I'm playing with the camera but secretly turn it on? She walked in and I pretended to be shocked and said yes well you're completely naked on camera now. I was just trying to figure out how everything worked. Just delete it, she said. The next day she was in the shower again and I had the dirty thought to get her in front of the camera. I turned on the video and waited for her to come into the bedroom. While watching her wife's home video I jerked myself off and let my wife catch me.

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My wife was again completely naked in front of me and again I was completely shocked. So what are you doing are you secretly masturbating, she said? I told her that I was playing with the camera again and saw her wife home video from yesterday. She laughed and asked me why I jerked myself off to a nude video when I could see her live too. She took the camera out of my hands placed it on the bedside table and then gave me one of the best blowjobs ever and I shot my cum in her mouth. I had more semen than usual and the strength of my squirt surprised her. When she asked about it, I told her that the nude movie had really turned me on.

Cum on my hands

Later that week my wife was out with her friends and I was playing with the camera again. I turned the video of my naked wife back on and already had my cock in my hand. But I was very disappointed, apparently, she had recorded something over it. I saw her face and the room and everything because she was waving the camera around. But suddenly the camera was pointing completely still right on her bed. She looked into the camera and said, so you think it's hot and horny to see your wife in a sex video? What happened then has never happened to me. While she took off her blouse and skirt in front of the camera, she danced and stripped. She was wearing a super horny lingerie set and I came totally unexpected over my hands. While I grabbed a towel to wipe off all my cum I kept watching the wife home video.

Wife home video masturbation.

She lay down on her bed and spread her legs. While rubbing her thong and vagina she pulled her thong to the side. The beautiful hairy cunt was now in view and my penis hardened again. While my horny wife was rubbing over her pussy, she told me to grab my dick. She kept talking dirty, Look at my boobs as you wank your dick. The moment she shoved her fingers into her cunt she moaned and yelled at the camera, don't you dare to come. Immediately her other hand joined and it began to touch her clitoris. I have to say that I had never seen her masturbating to me before and she showed it clearly. Writhing with pleasure, she moaned. And not long after that, she came hard and my fucking hands were covered in cum again. After she had asked if I had done anything nice I looked at her and smiled sweetly at her. It was clear that her wife home videos was a big hit.

Our first real home porn video.

Two weeks later we lay on the bed cuddling and caressing. It was obvious we were going to fuck. It didn't take long and she was giving head. After a minute or two, she stopped sucking and came with her head to my ear. In a whisper, she asked me to go grab the home camera. Of course, I jumped out of bed ran downstairs, and came running up again with a swishing boner. Arriving at the bedroom she lay with her legs wide open and her dildo sticking out of her hairy pussy. I got really hot and was allowed to film everything. She saw that I was very excited and the dildo was now being moved in and out of her cunt. She got so wet that her pussy juices ran out of her vagina and slowly slid into her ass crack. As I stood next to her I continued to watch her and I filmed it all. While jerking my cock she got an amazing orgasm. Now you should know that she was quite squeamish and she had never had a cum facial before. But the moment she came my jizz shot out hard and landed on her face. It was really a huge load of cum and everything was covered with my jizz. Her forehead, nose cheeks, and mouth were all covered with my warm semen.

Best sex ever.

I was shocked when she started to cry and I ran to the bathroom to get a towel. She wiped the cum from her face and sobbed a little more. I kept telling her I was sorry but then she said, This is the horniest thing I've ever done. Those are tears of joy. I didn't know what I heard and after that, we made many more wife home videos.
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